Systematic Gemstone Recoveries


The Opportunity

  • The small to mid-tier diamond mining sector in Africa has been characterised by the prevalence of:
    • Under performance
    • Financial losses
    • Mismanagement
  • Excellent opportunities exist if a basic approach is followed
  • Our approach follows the “4 P’s”:



  • Numerous projects are available
  • In areas that have previously been profitably mined / underexplored

Includes projects not exploited previously or inadequately exploited

Revised geological models provide new opportunities

Initial emphasis on known alluvial deposits:

  • Quick cash flow
  • Low Capex
  • Quality gemstones

Kimberlite opportunities to follow

  • Smooth cash flow


Extensive experience, integrity, skills at the following levels:

  • Board of Directors
  • Investment Committee
  • Management
  • Operational staff
  • Associate consultants level

Experience is key

Strong leadership

Benefit of lessons learnt from past mistakes

Empowered, capacitated, well trained operational teams at project level

Flat management structures:

  • Efficient decision making
  • Hands-on management


Back to basics on:

  • Geology
  • Processing
  • Financial
  • Governance – (ESG)
  • Risk Management

Learn from past mistakes

New technology:

  • Increased efficiencies and recoveries
  • Enhanced profitability
  • Marginal resources increasingly competitive

Technology correctly applied, maintained and monitored

First time accuracy in project design and implementation

Maintenance of operational discipline at project level


Diamond marketing/sales

  • Ability and experience to pursue and leverage top dollar prices


  • Extensive databases and geological knowledge ensure key projects secured
  • Competitive pricing of acquisitions

Crypto Currencies – Role?

Capital Shell Company (“CSC”)

“Vehicle for raising capital for acquisitions, and operations led by an experienced management team”

What is a listed Capital Shell Company (CSC)?

  • A publicly traded shell which can be used to acquire or merge with other companies or assets
  • Retained listing on an approved Stock Exchange- listing can be used to efficiently access capital markets
  • No operations of its own at time of listing
  • Will be led by experienced management team with prior M&A and/or operating experience

Public Private Company (PPC)

  • Financiers and management can choose jurisdiction- small group of stakeholders
  • Capital direct to account
  • Controlled by shareholders and management
  • Additional statements in Prelisting/Prospectus:
  • Disclosure of acquisition criteria contractually agreed with financiers and management
  • Disclosure of director remuneration and operating expenses for initial acquisition period contractually agreed between financiers and management
  • Directors subscription of shares
  • Board of directors will have sufficient and satisfactory experience
  • Has the option of listing in a jurisdiction of choice

Benefits –  CSC or Private

Benefits to Management

  • Clean public shell (determined by due diligence)
  • Listed shares are an acquisition currency
  • Both Ppomote formation of capital
  • CSC increased visibility and deal flow opportunities
  • Allows the public to co-invest
  • Broader base of investors
  • Incorporates regulatory safeguards- CSC more than PPC

Advantages / Disadvantages to investors

  • PPC – Capital available but ability to transact tedious
  • CSC – Capital available and ability to transact efficiently according to exchange regulations
  • PPC –  acquisition criteria agreed with financiers
  • CSC – can proceed as per Board Resolutions
  • Potential to make significant gains
  • PPC – risk of no investments being made
  • CSC – Investment retained until acquisitions made
  • Not permitted to obtain debt unless for acquisition
  • Failure to make acquisitions results in residual capital being retained in the Company